The warranty period for the transport GLONASS-monitoring equipment  is 3 years. The warranty for the built-in accumulator and the battery is provided separately and amounted to 1 year.

The warranty start is the date of sale.

During the warranty period, the manufacturing company undertakes to carry out a free repair of the product, subject to the customer complies with the rules of transportation, storage, installation and operation.

The present guarantee is valid only upon presentation of complete, correct and legibly filled passport (showing serial number, name, date of sale of the product, presence of the trade organization seal, signature of the buyer about the familiarity with the warranty terms and the operating rules) with the product itself.

The manufacturing company shall not guarantee the software and the hardware compatibility of the product with software and equipment not included in the delivery set, except as specified in the Operating manual.

The manufacturing company shall not be liable for the possible material, moral and other damage, suffered by the owner of the product and/or the third-party as a result of the violation of requirements of the Operating manual during use, storage or transportation of the product.

Rubbing marks and other minor damages to the product surfaces that do not affect its technical characteristics and that were appeared as a result of its normal use do not result in loss of the right to warranty services

The life of the equipment with the exception of the built-in accumulator and batteries is 10 years.


We are pleased to inform You that the official website of LLC Alpha has been renovated and updated. It is possible to find all the information about the list of services provided by our company, to see the range of our product catalog.
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