Mobile fuel level meter FZ-500

The FZ-500 mobile fuel meter is a device that measures the fuel level in a tank by hydrostatic pressure of a liquid column. It is used to quickly determine the amount of fuel in the tanks of vehicles and other containers intended for its storage and transportation. FZ-500 has no analogues and is designed primarily for organizations that have their own fleet of vehicles and are faced with the problem of accurate and rapid measurement of the amount of fuel in the tanks of cars at different times (for example, at the beginning and end of a shift).
  • quickly and accurately measures fuel level;
  • performs measurements in liters and millimeters;
  • records the date and time of measurements;
  • stores information across the entire fleet;
  • uploads measurement data to the PC.
Technical characteristics


  Operating principle hydrostatic, liquid column pressure measurement;
  Measurement environment gasoline, diesel, water;
  Level of the measured medium 200-1000 mm (optional 200-2500 mm);
  Display liquid crystal, graphic with a resolution of 122 x 32 points;
  Memory non-volatile;
  Power supply autonomous (AA type element-4 pcs.);
  Power supply voltage 6 V;
  Current consumption no more than 35 ma;
  Measurement error no more than 1.5%.


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