Wireless Digital Input Sensor with Radio signal Amplifier DDV-R1U


When used in a refrigerator, the DDV-R1U allows you to control the temperature and opening/closing the doors of the thermal van.

The digital input sensor transmits via radio the status of the two digital inputs (closed/open), and the measured air temperature at the sensor installation location.


The digital input sensor can be used for:

  • - Measure the temperature of the ambient air sensor.
  • - Control of the door opening when the sensor is connected to the door reed switch.
  • - Monitoring the position of the mechanisms, when connecting the sensor to the limit switch.
  • - Monitoring the supply voltage when the sensor is connected to the contacts of the intermediate relay or to the optocoupler.
  • - Recording the fact of pressing the button.
  • - As a radio lengthener for digital inputs.


  Sensor type Wireless
  Method for transferring data to compatible devices Radio channel
  Frequency of the data receiving/transmitting channel 2.4 GHz
  Data transmission distance up to 200 m
  Availability of a radio signal amplifier Yes
  Adjusting the power of the transmitted radio signal Yes
  Power of the radio signal supplied to the antenna +5 to +22 dBm
  Sensor power supply ER14505 battery - 3.6 V, 2400 mAh
  The life time of the batteries from 6 to 9 years (depending on the installed radio signal power)
  Self-replacement of the battery by the user Yes
  Configuring the sensor Using-USB programmer
  Own data archive and the ability to work without a terminal There are
  Communication with the terminal Via the radio signal receiver (PRS)
  Length of shielded cable for connection to the digital inputs of the sensor 3 meters
  Number of digital sensor inputs 2
  Availability of a low-inertia temperature sensor Yes
  The range of measured temperatures -40...+80 degrees C
  Discreteness of temperature measurements 1 degree C
  Accuracy of the measured temperature +/- 1 degree C
  Number of independent digital output settings triggered by a given temperature 2
  Updating the sensor firmware over the radio channel There are
  Internal log of assigned sensors There are
  Internal real-time clock There are
  Degree of protection sensor IP 67
  Operating temperature range -40..+80 S
  The warranty period 3 years old
  Average service life 7 years


The sensor can work without a terminal.

The sensor records all measured data in its own non-volatile archive and stores them for two months, so that the sensor can work independently (without a terminal). Data is read from the sensor archive using a USB radio reader.


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