Water leak detector SP-1


The SP-1 water leak detector is manufactured under the brand name "Aquasensor", which is part of the group of companies"Avtosensor".

Water leak detector SP-1-is designed for warning (sound signal) when the electrodes of the detector are closed with a conductive liquid. The alarm is installed on the floor, in places where the appearance of water is undesirable. The alarm will sound a loud beep when a conductive liquid appears under the alarm and its electrodes are closed.


Water leak detector SP-1 is:

  • A household appliance designed and manufactured to industrial standards.
  • Lifetime warranty, with a service life of 7 years.
  • Work from one set of batteries up to 10 years.

Batteries are not included with the water leak detector and must be purchased separately.

Supply voltage
3-1.9 V
2 batteries AA1V031, 5 V
Current consumption in the operating mode without the sound signal
not more than 2 mkA
Current consumption when the sound signal is turned on
not more than 200 mA
Degree of protection of the piezomembrane
Degree of protection of batteries and printed circuit Board
Storage temperature
-40 °C to +60 °C
Operating temperature
from 0 °C to +60 °C

Water leak detector SP-1

  1. Cover alarm (ABS-plastic).
  2. Piezomembrane (sound emitter).
  3. Screw fixing the printed circuit Board.
  4. The spring contact.
  5. Printed circuit Board.
  6. Battery compartment (ABS plastic).
  7. The positive contact of the battery.
  8. The negative contact of the battery.
  9. Rubber seal of the battery cover (NBR).
  10. Battery cover (ABS plastic).
  11. The double sided tape.
  12. O-ring of battery compartment screws (NBR 2.5 x 0.8 mm)
  13. Stainless screw of the battery cover (DIN 7985 M3x12).

The screws of the battery cover act as the electrodes of the alarm.


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