The rotation control sensors


Based on the data obtained, the sensor determines the modes of operation of the concrete mixer truck: mixing of the solution and unloading of the solution.


The sensor is designed to measure the speed and determine the direction of rotation of the container of the concrete mixer truck.

The sensor detects rotation in the plane perpendicular to the ground, as well as at an angle of up to 45 degrees from the plane perpendicular to the ground.


  • 1. Sensor DU-R1 1 pc.
  • 2. Mounting stand 1 pc.
  • 3. Device for sealing mounting nuts 2 pcs.
Technical characteristics of the wireless sensor for monitoring the rotation of the tank of the concrete mixer truck


  Measured rotation speed range 0.3 Rpm – 100 Rpm
  Discreteness of rotation speed measurements 0.1/min
  Measuring the direction of rotation There are
  Number of independent digital output settings 2
  Estimated time of battery life 5 years old
  Data archive module  
  Recording the measured rotation speed to the internal memory Yes
  Recording the direction of rotation in the internal memory Yes
  Recording the States of the digital outputs of the sensor to the internal memory Yes
  Method for writing data to internal memory Ring road
  The capacity of the archive internal memory, not less 90 days
  Reading the archive of supported devices Yes
Technical characteristics of the RM-01 radio Tag


  Operating temperature range -40 to + 80 C
  Operating mode Permanent
  Power supply method Factory-replaceable battery
  Battery life time Depending on the type of sensor assigned
  The average time of battery life 7 years
  Method of transferring data to compatible devices Radio channel
  Frequency of the data reception/transmission channel 2.4 GHz
  Updating the radio Tag firmware by radio channel yes
  Internal log of configuration changes yes
  Internal real-time clock yes
  Degree of protection of the radio Tag IP 67
  Warranty period of the radio Tag 36 months
  Service life of the radio Tag 7 years


The sensor is easy to install and does not require magnetic tags to operate. Simply attach the sensor to the object whose rotation you want to control.

The sensor has a sealable mount that prevents unauthorized interference in its operation.


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