PRS-INT-01 Interface Converter


The converter of the PRS-INT-01 interface is used to convert the signal coming from the radio signal receiver via the RS-485 bus into analog and frequency signals. This is necessary for terminals that do not have support for the RS-485 interface.

The interface converter does not need to be set up and is ready for operation immediately after connecting to the radio receiver and applying the power supply voltage through a 1 A fuse.

Technical characteristics of PRS-INT-01


  Supply voltage 9-36 V
  Maximum current consumption 30 mA
  Interaction with the radio receiver RS-485
  Output signal type Analog and Frequency
  The voltage range of the analog output 0.5 to 4.5 V
  Frequency range at the frequency output from 500 to 1500 Hz
  Quartz frequency output stabilization There are
  Operating temperature -40 to + 85 C
  Protection class of the interface Converter IP 67
  Factory warranty for the interface Converter 36 months


The purpose of the wires

  • Red wire-Plus power supply from 9 to 36 V
  • Black wire-Minus power supply
  • White wire, SHORT - " A " RS-485
  • Blue wire, SHORT - " B " RS-485
  • White wire, LONG - Analog output
  • Blue wire, LONG - Frequency output


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