Differential tilt sensor based on the universal sensor DU-R2


The measuring sensor determines the value of the tilt angle relative to the reference sensor. With this method of measurement, the measured value of the angle of inclination is not affected by the terrain on which the equipment moves.


The differential wireless tilt angle sensor consists of two universal DU-R2 sensors:

  • a reference sensor fixed motionless on the frame.;
  • a measuring sensor attached to the controlled mechanism.

Data is transmitted to the terminal:

  • Over the RS485 bus (LLS or modbus protocol).
  • For the frequency output.
  • By analog output (when using the PRS-INT-01 interface converter).
Technical characteristics of the tilt angle sensor based on the universal sensor DU-R2


  Detection range of the tilt angle relative to the reference sensor 0-180 degrees
  Discreteness of the slope angle output 1 degree
  Stably determined angle difference between the two positions of the measuring sensor, not less than 8 degrees
  Estimated battery life for DU-R2 up to 4 years old
  Data transfer interval in the PRS 1 sec
  Data averaging time 20 sec


The use of differential control sensor of the angle of inclination

The differential tilt angle sensor is used to monitor the position of devices and mechanisms installed on vehicles and having a small angle of movement:
- to determine the position of the blade, sweeping brush, plow;
- to control the opening of hatches;
- to determine the position of other mechanisms, where the sign of their work is a changing angle of inclination;
- in all other cases, where it is necessary to measure and analyze the angles of inclination of the actuators, regardless of the inclination of the equipment itself, which occurs due to terrain features (descent, ascent, slope, etc.).


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